Versapong Helps Raise $52k

Close up at the event

This past month, we were pleased to join a room full of outstanding members of the community at the Gratitude Gala, in support of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. Together, and with the support of the New England Patriots, we built a custom, completely out-of-this-world beer pong table to auction off at the event.

We spared no expense. This table needed to be worthy of such a cause, which meant we had to pull out all the stops. Two flat screens, hydraulic suspension, taps on both ends of the table, and a keggerator inside for the coldest of beer. Of course, the table was also autographed by the entire New England Patriots team, icing on the cake.

The table went once, twice, what seemed like a million times. When all was said and done, we auctioned not only one but TWO of the custom tables (yes, we had to build a whole new one) to some very generous beer pong lovers for a grand total of over $52,000.

See some photos of how the table came to life, and the event itself:

Thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring movement with the Andruzzi foundation.
Looking forward to many more events to come!

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