The 10 Stages of Winning Beer Pong All Night

Okay, okay, so it’s Thursday night and your boys are ready to absolutely demolish some people in beer pong.
How does it all go down?

  1. First things first, a couple of pregame “cocktails” to limber you up.
    (You’ve never taken a pong shot sober and you don’t intend to start tonight)
  2. Walk into the club [aka your friend’s basement] ready to f*ck sh*t up. First on the table. Let the streak begin.
    (Swagger on a hunnid million)Swag
  3. Who’s up next? Brant and Todd. You kill them. You also drink all of the remaining beer in your cups because, well, warm beer sucks. Plus “you can outdrink anyone” sooo….
    (Brant and Todd? Whaddakinda name is that)Drinking
  4. You immediately start high-fiving your heart out (chest bumps, fist pounds, [insert any other bro-ing out here])
    (You’ve literally never been more determined to beat someone in a *sport* than the next team on deck)High five

  5. Turns out, the other team has a chick…who’s actually kicking your ass. #Classic
    (It’s okay man, you got this)Chug chug
  6. What’s that sound? Is that the sound of you and your main man crushing out four in a row?! Of course it is.
    (LET’S GO!)killing it
  7. Last cup city: population you. Act like you’ve been there before (oh wait, you have, literally every other week).
    (Tell ’em Marshawn)

  8. The next four games are a complete blur. You forget who you play. You forget where you are. You forget your own name. But you don’t forget to drink.
    (Pinkies up!)homer chug

  9. Some girl named Becky keeps asking for a celebrity shot. No Becky. You most certainly cannot. Swipe left.
  10. The rest of the night goes a little something like this…
    (or so your phone tells you)anigif_enhanced-22420-1403657885-10
    giphy21ZTP9EXgiphyYQQ2S5XCNailed it.

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