House Rules

Versapong  Beer Pong House Rules
  • First game is either “Ladies First” or “Eye to Eye”
  • After that, winners shoot first or if chivalry is truly not dead, “Ladies First” will still apply
  • If you both hit, you get Ballzback
  • Bounce shots off ANYTHING are two cups
  • You can obviously block bounces, but premature blocks on non-bounces are one cup
  • Fingering or blowing will not be tolerated
  • Absolutely NO “Celebrity Shots”
  • Each team is allowed two racks per game including OT
  • Rotate the top rack to allow all combinations of 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 cup re-racks
  • If both team members hit the same cup the other team pulls 3 cups
  • If a player calls and hits an island cup, the other team removes 2 cups… Hitting a different cup doesn’t count and you can only call the island cup once, per game, per person
  • NBA Jam rules, hit 2 cups in a row you’re “Heating up” and 3 in a row you’re “On Fire”
  • When only 2 cups are left you ALWAYS “Spread the Legs” by putting the cups in the back 2 corners
  • No matter what, at the end of the game the other team gets “Automatic Rebuttals”
  • Three cup Overtime and you still get rebuttals