The answers to all your questions about Versapong products, and important life questions like, ‘turn down for what?’

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Is it portable?

Extremely. It even has its own carry case, each of the pieces fitting neatly inside the racks.

How can I customize?

Two ways. Not only can you choose from a number of different colors, but the racks are designed to fit most of your standard- size bumper stickers. Represent your school, hometown, sports team or just about anything else you can slap on there. We can also help create special orders, upgrading your Versapong with your own custom graphics, or other designs.

What is it made out of?

Recycled ABS Plastic, Furniture Grade colored PVC.

How heavy is it?


Can it stand on the beach?

Sure can. The Versapong was designed to be played on almost any and all surfaces. From the dorm room to the beach.

Where can I keep the extra cups?

Part of our design features two additional cup holders on each Versapong. You can use them to hold water cups or empty cups.

Is it regulation height?

When the cups are in the rack the bottom of the cup sits at 27.5” which is regulation height

Is it durable?

Yup, the legs are furniture grade PVC and all other parts are sturdy ABS plastic

Is it waterproof?


Will I love it?


Will it fit in my dorm?


Will I get with more hot chicks?

Most Likely

Can I get one for all my friends?

Definitely. Buy a 5 pack or a 10 pack and save yourself money.

Will it put me on a fast track for a PhD?

Probably not

Is there a surface for a bounce shot?

The ‘Versapong Bounce Pad’ will be coming soon, but until then you can bounce off any surface in the area you’re playing; a cooler, chair, your friend’s face, you get the idea.

How can I clean it?

Use light dish soap and hose it down.

Will it float?

Although your Versapong is waterproof, they will not float. Fortunately ‘Versapong Pool Floats’ will be available soon. You can also set the individual Versapong racks on each end of a regular pool float. #Easy

Can I help you promote?

Contact info@versapong.com using the Subject: I want to promote. We’ll make it worth your while.

Can I take it with me on a plane?

Absolutely. And the best part? It counts a personal item! You can bring it on in addition to your carry on for no extra charge (ladies- you can bring a purse too).

Can I play in the wind?

Yes. We recommend using practice golf balls or paddle balls (in hurricane conditions, of course).

Turn down for what?