Back to School- Don’t Forget Your Versapong!

Back to School
Back to School Beer Pong
It’s that time of year again. Time to pack up, ship out, and spend too much money on books you’ll never read.
Maybe you’ve got a house for the year, maybe you’re in a dorm, either way, now is the time to get all your sh*t together for the wild year ahead.What’s the first thing on your list? Okay it’s probably making sure all of your beer-acquiring needs have been met for the year (*cough* fake ID *cough*). But what should be NEXT? Yup. The best thing to hit your dorm since that girl from your ECON class.We came to this world to help you accomplish one thing: being able to play beer pong whenever and wherever your little heart desires. Please don’t waste anymore time taking off your closet door, ruining your roommates’ stuff, or lugging a table around. Our set is designed to fit essentially anywhere, be virtually indestructible, and make it easy for you to take along (or hide) wherever you need to. You need it. You do.

You may be wondering, can I bounce? Can it stand on the beach? Is it regulation height? Where do I put the extra cups? Will I love it? You can find the answers to this & more here.

Get shopping for yours (or split one with your house) right here.

What else is on your list?




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