20 Things People Say About Versapong

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Sometimes people think our stuff is pretty cool. Other times, people call us idiots.
Here’s a list of actual things people say about Versapong:

  1. This is amazing. You guys are gods.
  2. $69.95? No thanks. I can make this myself out of wood.
  3. Can it bounce? I only do bounce shots.
  4. WHAT?!
  5. This is so stupid.
  6. Wait, so now kids in college don’t have to rip their closet door off?
  7. I can’t believe I never thought of this.
  8. This. Is. Awesome.
  9. You should go on Shark Tank.
  10. It all fits in that bag?!?!?!
  11. Where’s the beer?
  12. Is this a cup holder?
  13. Sick! I can take this anywhere.
  14. You should sell this to college kids.
  15. Is it wrong as a parent to let my kids play with water?
  16. Now I can play in my living room!
  17. Can you play with Vodka?
  18. NEED.
  19. What’s this for?
  20. This is the best invention ever.


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