10 Easy Halloween Costumes 2016

It’s that time of year again. Time to hit your local bars and house parties to celebrate Halloween. Maybe you’re prepared, a month in advance, ready to go with your best costume. Or maybe you’re like us every year, scrambling around for something to throw together at the last minute. We’ve rounded up a few great costumes that won’t break the bank,  and you might already have all the pieces for. Share any other tips you have in the comments!

  1. Cousin Eddie

    The sh*tter was full! One of a number of amazing one-liners you can yell throughout the night.

  2. Jake from State Farm

    Jake? From State Farm? AT THREE IN THE MORNING?!?! Just be prepared for your girlfriend to get a little jealous.

  3. Guy Passed out Drunk at a Party

    Maybe stick to face paint instead of marker. Find some more inspiration here.

  4. Something Poke-themed

    pikachu-halloween-costume ash-pokemon-costume
    Catch ’em all with these easy to re-create versions of your favorite Pokémon characters. Find Pikachu here and Ash here.

  5. Forrest Gump

    Button up. Check. Khakis. Check. Jenny? TBD.

  6. Dwight Schrute

    Everyone has an ugly suit and shirt to throw on at the last minute. Add in a bad hair do and some office supplies and you can’t “beet” it. (sorry)

  7. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

I mean, these are kids. But you get it.

8. White Trash
redneck-costume white-trash-costume

This is an easy one for groups, couples, or just little ol’ you. Channel your inner kid rock. Let it all hang out.

9. Bill Lumbergh

“Um, yeah, I’m gonna need you to get me another beer.”

10. And finally, the one everyone will be trying to master this year…harambe


Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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